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Elements That Determine The Quality of a Hair Transplant Clinic

You may have been in the process of seeking solutions for your hair loss condition and after conducting research, decided that having a hair transplant would be the most effective method. Yes, a hair transplant procedure is a permanent solution that will enable you to start producing healthy and voluminous hair again. It is important to acknowledge that while a hair transplant may seem like a minimally invasive and outpatient procedure, it is still considered as a minor surgical operation.

These procedures that require many years of training and experience, should only be performed by doctors and medical teams who are specialized in the field of hair transplantation. Having a hair transplant repair due to the mistakes that have been made in the past, is harder than the operation itself. You should be very selective when deciding on a hair transplant, especially if you have seen people on the television calling themselves doctors without having any medical background and putting people’s lives at risk by performing hair transplants. The most important criterion that must always be met, is the combination of the best doctor and the most promising hair transplant clinic.

A hair transplant clinic that ensures high-quality and reliability, are the two key elements to achieve successful results in the operation.

As Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, we wanted to provide coverage on the topic, ‘elements that determine the quality of a hair transplant clinic’, to help ensure you achieve successful hair transplant results.

1-) The most important determinant in evaluating the quality of a hair transplant clinic, is having the hair transplant procedures performed by a highly qualified doctor who is specialized in the field of hair transplantation as well as a experienced medical staff. A hair transplant, when conducted under the proper conditions and with the right doctor, is an operation that will help the person to regain hair growth, providing a natural appearance.

2-) A hair transplant procedure cannot be conceived separately from the field of medicine, for this reason the procedures must be performed in a hospital environment, utilizing high-quality as well as modern medical devices and conducted in an efficacious manner. In addition to this, it is important for a hair transplant clinic to follow the technological developments as well as hair transplant techniques taking place around the world and implement these methods within the scope of their clinic.

3-) In order to evaluate the quality of a hair transplant clinic, a person planning on undergoing a hair transplant surgery, will want to know if their expectations will be met. For this reason, the initial evaluation of a person will be based on how many patients the clinic has treated and the level of patient satisfaction.

4-) Hair transplant clinics that try to convince you by merely showing before and after pictures of former patients, should not in itself constitute a valid reason for relying on them. Asking patients to rate their experience at the clinic will definitely give you a clear idea on what you can expect from the procedure.You should select a hospital or clinic that provides you the opportunity to communicate with other patients.

5-) A hair transplant clinic that offers quality service to their international patients from all over the world, will also be incorporating patient representatives who will provide interpreter and counselling services. In this way, effective communication between the patient and medical staff can be established, which, in turn, will ensure that all patients have the best possible experience of care as well as provide doctors with conditions that will enable them to perform effectively.

6-) In addition to providing professional assistance and counselling services to the patients prior to the operation, the hair transplant clinic also must provide information regarding all medical and administrative procedures to be carried out as well as the treatments that will be applied.

7-) A high quality hair transplant clinic will preserve the safety of all personal data and medical records of their patients consisting of; the number of grafts to be transplanted, the areas that patients desire to have covered, the patient’s overall medical and allergical condition or patient’s medication history. All relevant data of the patients must be secured under an electronic medical record and monitoring system.

8-)During the physical examination, the doctor is required to perform a scalp test to accurately diagnose the hair loss condition together with other relevant tests so as to assess if the patient will be a suitable candidate for surgery. If the patient carries any particular risks that may prevent him/her from receiving treatment, the doctor has to impart this information to the patient. A clinic that places human health above all else, will inform the patient of other treatment options and try to find solutions to help their patients by offering assistance.

9-) A hair transplant clinic that reviews the progress of each patient on a regular basis after their operation and that has established long-term relationships, reflects the importance placed on the patients.

10-) A clinic that understands the importance of safety in their work environment and their role in patient safety, will take the necessary precautions and also demonstrate due diligence to ensure good hygienic conditions at all times. To set an example; all medical supplies that have been sterilized, must be designated for single use.


We kindly advise you to remember the information we have provided in this article as it will be useful to you in the future for making the right decision regarding such a life-changing operation. Once you undergo a hair transplant procedure, you may not get a second chance. If you have been the victim of a bad hair transplant operation, to correct or repair this outcome will naturally be more difficult.

It should be known that the most successful hair transplant outcomes, are a result of planning the first operative procedure with precision. Turkey has become the leading country in the world for hair transplant operations thanks to its highly qualified and specialized doctors.

Unfortunately you are also going to come across with people who have taken advantage of the industry growth, introducing themselves to you as hair transplant specialists.

In conclusion, to make the right decision in a country that has a high proportion of successful doctors, you need to conduct in-depth research.