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Long DHI Hair Transplant: No Shaving Required

Dr. Serkan Aygın Long DHI Hair Transplant
Does Not Require Shaving
Fast Operation Process
Every Season
Back to Work in 1 Day
No Bandage

A Long DHI hair transplant is the revolutionary and newest evolution of DHI.  It’s for the patients who prefer a hair transplant without shaving or bandages or want to keep it confidential.

Here are the key points you will read from this article:

  • The long DHI frees patients from shaving their heads.
  • This method allows a maximum of 2200 to 2500 grafts.
  • The technique requires a highly skilled team. 
  • The success rate is over 95%.
Long DHI Hair Transplant, Long DHI, Long Hair Transplant

Can You Get a Hair Transplant with Long Hair?

YES, a hair transplant with long hair without significant shaving is possible. The long-hair DHI method allows you to strategically shave hair in thin lines. Ensuring the surrounding hair discreetly covers the shaved parts. This way, you won’t have a big and visible rectangular strip shaved on the donor site.

Dr. Serkan Aygin long dhi hair transplant before after
Dr. Serkan Aygin long dhi hair transplant before after

Which Norwood Scale level can get a long DHI?

You can get a long DHI hair transplant if you’re a level 3 on Norwood Scale or below. Level 3 vertex is also eligible if you prioritize the frontal area since this level concerns both the front and the crown.

Remember that you can’t always be 100% sure about your assumptions without consulting a professional. This scale is just a good way to point out what you’re dealing with.

What is the success rate of the procedure?

The success rate for long-DHI hair transplant is between 95% – 98%. This rate matches the standard DHI hair transplant. This is because their steps are similar and parallel.  


The reason why the long DHI hair transplant is revolutionary is the possibility to undergo a hair transplant with long hair without worrying about shaving your hair – completely or partially. A sudden change in the hair length can make you feel worried because of the attention you bring to it.

A long hair hair transplant method allows you to hide the procedure if you decide to not disclose it. Also, you won’t get any curious looks from strangers

Even more, this procedure is a game-changer for women. Women with all lengths of hair can have a long hair transplant done. This is a hair transplant for long hair too. Also, they will barely show any signs afterward. This, all thanks to the Long DHI method. 

You should definitely consider getting the long DHI hair transplantation. Make sure you meet the criteria for a long hair transplant.

Your Look Stays The Same

After your procedure, your hair length will remain the same as before. The area where the hair grafts are extracted won’t be visible.

Whether you get your hairline or the overall density fixed, they nicely blend with your natural hair

Most people usually have this operation with 1 to 5 inches (2 to 12 centimeters) of hair length. This length is enough to cover up the small incisions on the donor site. That will make you look like you had no hair transplant done. You can enjoy your recovery with minimal disruption to your daily life.

How many grafts can you get with a long DHI hair transplant?

Only 2200 to 2500 hair grafts can be harvested in a single session. The long hair transplant allows just small shaved areas. For this reason, people with low hair loss are more suitable. 

The Differences Between a DHI and a Long DHI Transplant

There are 2 main differences between a DHI and a long-DHI transplant. The ideal candidate and the shaving required. Both methods stem from the same technique . The long-DHI hair transplant is specifically designed to offer a solution for lower levels of hair loss.

Long-DHI hair transplantDHI hair transplant
2200 to 2500 grafts max in a session. Larger numbers of grafts are extracted in a session. 
Partial shaving of donor siteComplete shaving of the donor site 
No shaving in recipient areaMay require shaving in recipient area
People mild hair loss are suitablePeople with moderate-severe hair loss are suitable. 
A lot easier to manage.Also easy to manage, but not as much.
Heals faster.Also heals fast, but not as much.
DHI vs Long Dhi, Long Dhi

What are the Pros and Cons of a Long Hair Transplant?

This method’s biggest perk is that it allows people to hide their operation. Also, feel comfortable after the surgery. It’s ideal for people who are not sure about a traditional hair transplant. Maybe because they’re concerned about visible shaving. Maybe because of a change in hair style or hair length.

PROs of Long hair transplantCONs of Long hair transplant
Does not require a visible strip-like shaving.Limited hair grafts
Non-visible scarsRequires higher-skilled team
Fast operation processNot provided by every hair clinic
Can be done in every season 
Natural looking 
Back to work in 1 day 

Long DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Dr. Serkan Aygin Hair Clinic in Turkey offers the most innovative and modern methods to help people with their hair loss journey all around the world

Turkey is a Country leader for transplants. It’s renowned for new technologies and techniques. With the long DHI method standing out as a prime example in the field. This is exactly why even Dr. Serkan Aygin himself picked this method. Maybe a long hair transplant in Turkey is a right fit for you too.

Long-DHI procedure is still a niche practice. Having this operation done in the heart of the hair transplant centers is the most plausible choice. Experienced doctors, affordable prices with no post-op complications. These have made Turkey, especially Istanbul, a safe destination for hair transplants.

The procedure: A step-by-step guide

In the long DHI transplant, the most significant difference is the graft extraction process. This is because the donor hair remains unshaven. The surgery follows a structure similar to a standard DHI hair transplant. It is a straightforward procedure with a relatively quick operation time. 

1. Anesthesia and donor area preparation

The long-DHI hair transplant operation starts with local anesthesia applied to the back of the head. The operation starts when the patient has no feeling in the donor area.

2. Graft extraction, preparation, preservation

The graft extraction is where this procedure differs from the others. Special punch tips are used to extract the hair follicles. The donor area gets split up into very thin horizontal lines and the desired grafts get trimmed one by one before extraction. This way, every trimmed hair gets used in the process. This allows to avoid the look of the traditional strip-like shaved area at the back of the head. This process ensures the adjacent hair remains untouched. 

The collected grafts are separated in petri dishes according to their follicle numbers. These hairs wait until the preparation of the recipient area is done.

3. Implantation

The implantation requires the Choi pen to implant the grafts on the selected places. The Choi Pen allows opening the channels and inserting the graft at the same time. The pen tips used are 0.8 and 0.9 mm, thinner than some of the other tips. It is a particularly detailed and precise process. Especially with all the unshaved hair surrounding the recipient area. 

4. Recovery & Results

The recovery process is quite easy and swift. You can even start going to work the next day. You will get the post-care recovery instructions before leaving the clinic. We advise you to contact your doctor if anything unexpected happens. 

After completing every step on the way, you will be left immediately with a newly defined hairline with no bald spots. You will appreciate the new look. Free from scars or operation traces! Achieving optimal and aesthetic hair transplant outcomes without a long process and hustle is possible! 

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