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Hair Transplant Cost: Average Price by Type and Graft Numbers

Hair transplant cost usually varies between $2,000 to $40,000 depending on the doctor’s experience, clinic location, scale of surgery, and procedure type. The golden rule affecting hair transplant cost is the price goes up with a higher number of grafts.

Most of the time people opt for 1500-2000 grafts with FUE hair transplant that usually costs around $2,500 to $6,000. Another highly preferred option to FUE is DHI, which should cost a bit more, but what you get is higher quality surgery experience and long-lasting results.

In this article, we talk about the average cost of a hair transplant, and factors that can affect the price, provide information on insurance options, and discuss ways of saving money.

Here are some of the key points from the article:


We hope this article provides you with valuable information about the cost of hair transplant surgery. 


How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost?

If you want your hair back, how much are you going to spend? Here is how much it costs to get a hair transplant.

FUE2.000$20.000$2 – 5 $
FUE SAPPHIRE2.300$35.000$2,5 – 7 $
DHI2.500$40.000$3 – 9 $
FUT5.000$50.000$4 – 11 $

This is an estimate according to prices in different countries, by different clinics and physicians, and different teams.

This table can look weird. So much difference between prices? Yes. So many factors affect the prices, continue reading the article, and you’ll learn more.


FUE Technique Cost

The cost of the FUE technique varies between 2.000$ to 20.000$. Usually, this procedure is the most preferred one and the price differs depending on the grafts used during the surgery.

FUE vs FUT Cost

Compared to FUT, the FUE procedure is 60% cheaper. This is thanks to the developed techniques and the convenience of follicle extraction of FUE when compared with FUT. Besides nowadays fewer doctors prefer FUT, causing less competition, and higher prices compared to FUE.

Is FUE Worth It in Terms of Cost?

Yes, because it leaves no visible scar line, and gives natural-looking results. That’s actually why lots of doctors started performing FUE then it became the popular option all around the world since around 2012.

FUT Technique Cost

The FUT hair transplant technique can cost between 5.000$ and 50.000$. The price range differs on many factors, but the main one is the grafts used during the procedure.

Hair Transplant Cost Based on Graft Numbers

The hair transplant surgery cost price can depend on the graft numbers if the surgeon charges by graft.

Here, we listed the average hair transplant cost based on graft numbers:

  • FOR 1000-2000 GRAFTS HAIR TRANSPLANT COST: 1.500$ – 7.000$
  • FOR 3000 – 4000 GRAFTS HAIR TRANSPLANT COST: 2.000$ – 15.000$
  • FOR 5000 GRAFTS HAIR TRANSPLANT COST: 2.000$ – 50.000$

How Much Does Male Hair Transplant Cost?

Mens hair transplant cost varies from budget-friendly 3,000$ to 50,000$, calling for deep pockets. The average graft needed for the procedure determines the final cost, which varies hugely.

How Much Does Female Hair Transplant Cost?

Women’s hair transplant cost is usually around 3,000$ to 30,000$, which requires 1,000 – 4,000 grafts on average. The price can go up higher for an extensive hair loss case, but usually, women require fewer grafts compared to men.

And for the male to female hair transplant, we can say that the usual price varies from 3,000$ to 20,000$ paid for 1,000 grafts to fill the hairline with a feminine line.

How Much Does Body Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant surgery for moving the beard, chest, and some other body areas’ hair to the scalp may cost you around $1,500 to $15,000. Body hair transplant price differs depending on how many hair follicles you want to be moved from your body to the balding scalp area.

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What Affects the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

As we told you before, the cost includes many variations and is usually affected by many factors. Here are the main factors affecting the expense of your hair transplant surgery when you get a quote from the doctor, hospital, or clinic.


Going abroad for a hair transplant surgery may be cheaper up to 70%. This is because of the currency exchange and the difference between the cost of living in developed and developing countries.

Level of Hair Loss

Depending on the level of hair loss you are experiencing, what you might need is maybe cheaper than you thought. When you have a moderate level of hair loss this means you need less grafting with a cheaper surgery, or vice versa.

Physician Experience

Knowledge is power, indeed. More experienced your hair transplant doctor, the higher the price expectation. You can easily tell the price is gonna be a costly one if your doctor is well-known, trusted, and has years of practice in the field.

Number of Grafts

To achieve a head full of hair, you may require a good amount of hair grafts, increasing the price. Vice versa is also true for a small area grafting; you pay less since there will be fewer grafts needed.


Follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplantation (FUT), and direct hair transplantation (DHI) are the most commonly used types of hair transplants, every one of which has different pricingwhich you can see in the table above.

Tools Used

The two most important price-changer tools in hair transplant are the DHI pensapphire blade, and micro motor. These tools are not only pricey but also require an expertise level for usage, which increases the general price.

Additional Services Provided

If you opt for medical tourism, there are some services in the hair transplant packages like laser therapy, medications to grow hair, or touristic guidance that make the price vary. What you should know is what is included in the package and what benefits it has for you in terms of the best cost-effective package deal.

Does the Hair Transplant Cost Worth the Effort?

Yes, compared with the alternatives to hair transplant, like using a wig, it is the most cost-effective solution. It gives natural-looking results using your own hair and does not require repetition.

The surgery has a patient satisfaction rate of 98%, meaning you will not be getting it in vain, and will thank yourself a year later.

Also, you will finally address the hair loss that – we’re sure – it’s not making you feel 100% good. There are countless studies addressing the psychological benefits of this procedure. Your life will be changed for the better forever.

Does Insurance Cover Hair Transplant

Insurance companies do not cover hair transplant surgeries. Hair loss surgeries are elective, cosmetic procedures that do not require immediate intervention and are not considered as life-threatening. That is why you cannot get it covered by your insurance.

How To Look For a Good Insurance for Hair Transplant

Hair restoration procedures are rarely covered by insurance. But no need to worry if your hair restoration is medically necessary because some insurance companies cover the laser treatments, or require medicines for functional reasons.

Is Hair Transplantation With Mutual Insurance Possible?

Unfortunately, no. Hair transplant surgery is not on the list of covered procedures in mutual insurance. That is because it does not create a life-threatening condition and is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Transplant Procedures?

No. Any insurance company would tell you the same; hair transplant surgeries are performed for cosmetic purposes and are not covered by insurance.

Although, some insurance companies like Medicare cover the partial payment of custom-made wigs, expenses of hair loss medications, laser therapy, and platelet-rich plasma injections.

Keep in mind that it may require a doctor’s letter stating that the treatment is medically necessary due to chemotherapy, trichotillomania disease, or hair loss-related disease. 

What Options Do I Have To Save Money On A Hair Transplant?

You have very few options to save money while getting a hair transplant, one of which is installments. With installments, split the surgery budget into easily affordable pieces and watch your hair grow while paying for it.

Some options to cut the prices are;

Loans: with a trustworthy backup, you can get a big loan from banks

Medical credit cards: compared to the regular ones, these should give you better options

Compare rates: of course, you should compare banks’ rates of interest to find the best one

Medical tourism: almost the best option, if you are living in a really big city

Financing options: talk with your bank and with the third-party participants to find credit options

Can It Be Paid In Installments with the Clinic?

Rarely. It’s often difficult for clinics to reach agreements with banks or financial institutions. Usually, when clinics offer installments it’s because of the higher price of the procedure. Your best option would be to contact the bank and reach an agreement by yourself.

Can It Be Paid In Installments with Banks or Ginancing Companies

Yes, you can find some really good options for loans from banks or finance companies to support you with your hair transplant surgery. Keep in mind that, for the best offers you should have an average credit score of 600-500.

What Are the Pros And Cons of Financing?

When you find good financing options and loans, they help you get through increasing inflation risks in the long term with fixed monthly payments, keeping the payment stable regardless of interest changes.

The only disadvantage here is that, while paying back, the amount of debt will exceed the amount borrowed.

Is It Possible to Have A Hair Transplant for Free?

It is not possible to get a hair transplant for free. Even with the help of charities or when you have a veteran card, you cannot get your hair transplanted without any budget.

Post Transplant Expenses

In normal conditions when you finish your surgery, you do not require additional visits or treatments. But for those who like to have the extras and to have higher satisfaction rates, it is possible to have creams and solutions to use on the head or treatment like laser therapy.

Medical Visits And Medication

These visits should not cost you like they usually do since you are a patient of the same doctor. So, you will most probably find discounted prices for extra medical visits and medications the clinic will provide. Besides, you should not have to worry about the fee of your medical visit when it’s about a complication.

Some topical solutions including minoxidil or taken medications like finasteride are also found to be effective after and sometimes even before a hair transplant procedure.

  • Minoxidil average price: 15-35 $ per month
  • Finasteride average price: 20-60$ per month

Additional Treatments

Laser treatments, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections, and some medical shampoos are found to be effective and help hair growth when applied with a routine.

  • Medical shampoos cost: 15-50$
  • Low-level laser therapy one session cost:  200-2500$
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections cost: 250-4000$

Is It Worth It Getting Additional Treatments?

Not necessarily you should get additional treatments, but once you get treatments like PRP, or low-level laser therapy you can see an improvement. How do we know that? Let us explain:

Some researchers proved that with low-level laser therapy almost 40% increased hair count was observed over 16 weeks of usage.

For the PRP injections according to a study made with 16 patients, after 6 months of sessions, up to 27% of hair graft increase was observed.

Based on these statistics we can assure you that additional treatments are useful options and can be applied with your doctor’s guidance to improve your hair transplant results.

Is It Worth Spending Money On A Transplant?

Yes, when you are experiencing hair loss, and found no other treatment to cure your problem, then a hair transplant is really worth spending money on. Millions of people are getting hair transplants all over the world, and they say they feel much more confident in their life. It brings us to another question, what’s the success rate among all these people?

What’s the Success Rate?

The surgery gives promising results, with higher than 90% of success rates. Thanks to almost 5 decades of hair transplant history, new techniques keep developing and increasing the surgery’s success.

What Are the Benefits of A Hair Transplant You Pay For?

When you pay for surgery, every follicle you paid for will bring confidence, and improve your self-esteem in your social life. The year you got the surgery, you will see that you are getting younger day by day until the day you see the full results.

Especially when you have a large surgery with lots of grafts implanted, you will no longer have to worry about covering the patchy hair areas of yours with your existing hair.

Long-Term Results No Touch-Ups

The surgery gives long-term satisfaction and requires no additional visits once you have it. You just need to follow the recovery instructions as your doctor told you so and worry no more.

Why Did I Find Lower Prices?

The reason behind this truth is the open market of hair transplant procedures, meaning there are no restrictions to the minimum and maximum limits for the procedure. Does that mean you should get it even at the cheapest offers? Not at all. There is a difference between affordable and cheap.

Budget-friendly hair transplant options come in handy, and appealing. An affordable hair transplant does not always mean poor quality. To make sure you are getting quality work, do your research well and look for the background of the clinic.

We already gave you the average price for a hair transplant procedure. All you need to do is make sure of paying the minimum average price and getting it from a trustworthy place which we listed in the details above.


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