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Do Your Sleeping Habits Affect Your Hair Loss?

Bad sleep could impact the natural growth cycle of hair follicles, resulting in premature loss of hair. In this article, you will read about how lack of sleep negatively impacts the health of your hair.

Scarring After Hair Transplant and How to Remove Hair Transplant Scars

In this article, you can read about whether a hair transplant procedure could lead to scarring and what kind of treatments could be applied in case of scarring.

When Can I Have a Second Hair Transplant?

This article will inform you about why patients go through a second hair transplant procedure and summarize when you can undergo a second FUE or DHI procedure.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Have a Hair Transplant?

Before you set off on your hair restoration journey, you will want to learn when it is the best time to achieve the best results. This article will inform you thoroughly about the best weather and season to have hair transplantation.

Why Smoking Should Be Avoided Before and After Hair Transplants?

Smoking before and after a hair restoration treatment could possibly influence the hair transplant results negatively.

Where is the Best Place in the World to Get a Hair Transplant

Where to get a hair transplantation? This article will help you choose the right clinic and doctor for you by helping you with all your doubts. Find out what to avoid and what to look for to get a successful transplant.

How Many Grafts Do I Need for Full Hair Coverage?

The majority of people who experience hair loss often ask, “How many grafts do I need for a hair transplant?” and “Will I need more than one session for a hair transplant?” to learn what can be done to restore the volume of their thinning or balding hair.

How to Plan a Hair Transplant on Grey Hair?

Grey hair transplant can be explained as transplanting hair from donor area to the bald areas just like a classic hair transplant, except a patient's hair is grey or turning grey.

Hair Transplant for Receding Hairline | Temple Hair Transplant

The hair transplant for receding hairline is a non-invasive cosmetic surgery for people suffering from balding, receding hairlines or loss of density in the temple area.