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Adam Hurly "Why I Traveled to Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery" - Men's Journal

The Editor of GQ and Men’s Journal, Adam Hurly, talks about his experience getting a hair transplant in Turkey. To see his hair transplant journey from the beginning, you can check out his article below:

Paris - “European Awards in Medicine - Hair Transplant Surgery” Award

The "21st Century European Awards in Medicine", one of Europe’s most important organizations in the field of medicine, awarded their winners. Dr. Serkan Aygın received 'Europe's Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Award' in Paris on December 4, 2019. Providing hair transplantation services according to international quality standards in Turkey, Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic crowned its success in the field once again with this award in Europe.

Spain - Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic Receives the 8th La Razón Tourism Award

At the 2019 Tourism Awards organised by the VD Viajes supplement of the Spanish Newspaper La Razon, Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic from Turkey was granted the award for Best Medical Tourism Facility. Mrs. Melda Aygin accepted the award on behalf of her husband Dr. Serkan Aygin. AraTravel which is responsible for all organizational events of Dr. Serkan Aygin in Spain and Dr. Perez, who assists in the post-operative follow-ups of all Spanish patients who have undergone hair transplantation at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, ensuring that all patients receive the best post-operative services, have also provided significant contributions to this success. Apart from the high satisfaction rates of Spanish patients who have been visiting Turkey for many years, other factors such as the increasing popularity of hair transplantation in Spain due to great results which attracted the attention of the Spanish media and the increased media coverage dedicated to Dr. Serkan Aygin with writers publishing their own hair transplant success stories, have also greatly contributed to winning this award.

Necklaces for Kindness with Ayşe Arman - 2019

Ayşe Arman visited Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic and Doku Medical Center as part of her project “a feminine touch through kindness”. The main purpose of this visit was to draw attention to our medical center that adds beauty to the business life with a feminine touch and to show how the presence of women in the working environment evokes kindness and beauty. Ayşe Arman also shared a short interview she had with Dr. Serkan Aygin upon the innovations taking place in hair transplantation on her social media account. She also remarked upon the reason why people coming to Turkey from nearly 150 countries for hair transplantation preferred us and how the value we give to women impacted this choice. Ultimately, taking part in a project that aims to help increase women's participation to labour force and employment rates in Turkey serves as an important reference for us. We are also supporting the emergency hotline; @acilyardımhattı “emergency hotline for every woman” initiative, which has been brought into being by the President of Turkey Women’s Associations Federation (TKDF).

Esquire, Álvaro Luengo "My Hair Transplant Experience in Turkey" - Spain 2019

Álvaro Luengo, one of the Spanish editors of the world's most famous magazine Esquire, wrote an article on his hair transplant experience which was carried out in our clinic. He published his article on Esquire's digital platform and continues to update his content as he observes the different stages of his hair growth journey. Reaching to tens of thousands of readers within a short period of time, the journal has become one of Spain's most read articles written on hair transplantation.

Dr. Serkan: The Boss - 2019

Would you like to check out an enjoyable advertisment prepared by our offices in Spain for Dr. Serkan Aygın? Our office staff in Spain, our clinic and Doctor Serkan Aygın explained the pre-operative process in this video. The video starts with our friend Ferdinando sitting at a bar, doing research on hair transplant which he is thinking about recieving. Afterwards, Ferdinando, who came to meet with Mr. Marcello, head of our Spain office, is informed about the operation process. Next, he gets on a plane to Turkey and meets with Antonio, one of our Turkey representatives. Coming to our clinic in Turkey a hair transplant plan is made with Dr. Serkan Aygın.

"The Life of Others" Show, Janna Badoevaya - Channel 1, Russia

The popularity and the prestiege of Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic continues to develop with each passing day.Thousands of patients coming from dozens of different countries recieve hair transplant services of the highest quality here. Because of this ongoing popularity, in 2019, a team from one of Russia's most popular television shows "The Life of Others" came for a visit and a special shoot. The show's producer and Ukraine's famous host Janna Badoevaya said "Istanbul is an incredible city! This isn't my first time here but I get even more impressed every time I come here." During the shoot, an interview with one of Dr. Serkan Aygın's patients, Diego, who got a hair transplant a year ago, was conducted. It was pointed out that while it is a small touch, hair transplant has a massive positive effect on a person's life. Diego, who said that his life changed for the better and that he was very happy, urged those who need hair transplant to get it without loosing any time. "I finally have my hair which I can keep for a lifetime," he said. Dr. Serkan Aygin, also appearing in the show, stated that a hair transplant is a comfortable, non-surgical procedure that can be done with ease.

Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic appeared on RAI 3!

Italy’s most important news channel RAI 3 visited our clinic to report on hair transplantation in Turkey. During the interview with Dr. Serkan Aygin they asked as to why Turkey is the most preferred location when it comes to hair transplantation. Dr. Serkan Aygin talked about how Turkey is very advanced in medicine, not only for but also including hair transplantations, with these words: “For over 20 years my team and I have been working on only hair transplants and hair treatments. Therefore it is normal for us to be expected to acheive the best results in the world.” RAI 3 reporters also observed a patients hair transplant procedure and did some filming. The patients' entire hair transplant process and feelings were featured in the show.

La Vanguardia - Spain 2018

The fact that Dr. Serkan Aygın has been performing hair transplantation to patients from Spain for many years continues to attract the attention of the media. An article published by Spain’s avant-garde newspaper La Vanguardia, has given coverage to Dr. Serkan Aygın and his increasing success rate within the field of hair transplantation. Additionally they have noted that the number of people travelling to Turkey from Spain to undergo hair transplantation and receive alternative treatments was increasing with each passing day. The newspaper story also reported that Dr. Serkan Aygin scheduled visits to Spain 3-4 times a year to attend conferences and through these visits he also kept track of how the post-operative recovery process of his former patients were progressing. The news article reveals how important Dr. Serkan Aygin is for Spain. La Vanguardia's article has once again shown how Spain has embraced Dr. Serkan Aygın.

Quinta Colonna Show - Italy 2016

With its recognicition increasing everyday in Italy, Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic appeared on one of Italy's most watched talk shows, Quinta Colonna. While Dr. Serkan Aygın joined the live show from Turkey, the experiences and reviews of the patients who had hair transplants in Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic served as a reference. The positive feedback from Italian patients who got operated on Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic gave a hard time to the Italian producers who had their prejudices against Turkey. Particularly, a patient who previously had a failed procedure done by Italian doctors that cost thousands of euros before meeting with Dr. Serkan Aygın was the highlight of the show. Saying that Dr. Serkan Aygın had been a savior for him, the patient told the story of how his botched hair transplant in Italy was successfully fixed by Dr. Serkan Aygın.The Italian patient thanked his savior Dr. Serkan Aygın for finally having beautiful, healthy hair and said he owed it all to him.

Iene - La Vacanza Dei Capelli - Italy 2015

The Italian talk show program Iene Show focused on people who had hair transplants, and Dr. Serkan Aygın was the topic of the day. In the episode titled "Journey of Hair Transplantation," a patient's trip from Italy to Turkey and their operation process at Dr. Serkan Aygın's clinic was described in a humorous tone. The show discussed the hair transplantation adventures of many patients who visited Dr. Serkan Aygın's clinic. Patients who shared their positive experiences during and after the operation made an important contribution to promoting Turkey, and demonstrated Italy's clear interest in Turkey.

Starlite Gala - Spain 2016

Dr. Serkan Aygin was the "guest of honour" at Starlite Gala 2016, one of the important events in Spain. One of the most memorable moments of the night happened when Antonio Banderas, who hosted the special occasion, asked Dr. Serkan Aygın if a friend of his was eligible for hair transplantation. Dr. Aygın then shared his thoughts and provided information on the new applications as well as technologies taking place in the field of hair transplantation. By receiving a special award at the Gala, which is considered one of the most important organizations in Spain, Dr. Serkan Aygin has once again represented Turkey in the field of hair transplantation.