Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant
Watch video to see step by step procedure Beard & Moustache Transplantation

A beard transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure in which the patient’s capillary density is increased in the beard, mustache and sideburns area if desired, in order to improve the volume, define and enhance facial appearance when there is uneven hair growth.

In recent years, it has become so popular that even famous soccer player Lionel Messi had a beard transplant.

How is beard transplant done?

The beard transplant is performed Hair by hair, for this it is necessary to extract the hair follicle units from the donor area, the back area of the head on the nape up to the crown. In the Clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin this procedure is only performed with the DHI technique in order to obtain optimal results.

In the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), thanks to the use of a medical instrument called an “implanter”, the follicles are placed one by one directly into the area to be treated without the need to open micro-channels so as with the FUE method.

Beard transplant steps

At Dr. Serkan Aygin’s Clinic, the patient has a personal consultation with the doctor to evaluate the donor area and the recipient area, in this process it is estimated how many follicles they may be needed and how many can be extracted.

Next, the design of the beard and mustache is made according to the tastes and needs of the patient, seeking harmony with the facial structure, ethnic origin and age of the patient.

In the operating room, the follicles are extracted, which are later implanted in the beard and mustache area where it is desired to increase the presence of facial hair. The entire intervention is performed under local anesthesia and soft sedation if the patient prefers.

DHI Beard & Moustache Transplantation

The time of the surgery can take between 4-6 hours depending on the case, and it is ambulatory. The recovery process is 10 days.

During the first days after the beard transplant, itching may occur in the recipient area. That is of the utmost importance to avoid rubbing with objects or contact with the implanted follicles to obtain a successful result.

The patient should use “Betadine” in the treated areas and follow the doctor’s instructions.

After three months you can see results in the beard, but at 12 months you will see the definitive results.

Are beard transplants successful?

Without a doubt, the beard implant, like the capillary, positively changes the image of an individual and in some cases it can make him look even younger. In Dr. Serkan Aygin’s Clinic our patient has a rate of success of 80-90%.

How long does it take to grow a beard after beard transplant?

In the third month the patient will see new hair in his face, in the sixth month the volume will be more evident as well as the planned design and after a year he will be able to enjoy the final results.

How much does it cost for a beard transplant?

The price of the Beard Transplant Price may vary according to the country, the specialist and the needs of the patient. In countries where the standard of living is higher and there is less demand for this type of intervention, the costs can be extremely high, exceeding 7.000 USD. While the beard implant in Turkey being in high demand is much more affordable and the quality is much better, a beard implant package in Turkey can be around the 2.000-3.000 USD, including accommodation and all clinical expenses. Turkish doctors improve their implant techniques day by day, since they perform between 1-6 operations a day, while in countries with less demand this type of intervention is rarely seen by cosmetic surgeons.

Beard Implant Before and After

Here are some of our success stories from Dr. Serkan Aygin’s Clinic:

Care after the Beard Transplant

Although the surgeon and the technique play a great role in the success of the beard transplant, the care after the intervention is essential to achieve the desired results. Since the beard transplant is exposed to the open air, it is essential that the patient maintain the hygiene of the receiving area according to the doctor’s instructions. I remember that it is important that for the first few days he sleeps on his back to help with the healing process.

Can I shower after beard transplant?

Ideally, wait 48 hours before doing the first wash, remember that you can take body showers as long as the treated areas are not wet. On the third day of the intervention, you can begin to wash your beard very gently as the doctor has instructed you. Remember not to scrub, or scratch the receiving area, as it could extract the hair grafts, since they are not yet well adhered to the skin. It is normal to feel a little itchy in the beard, the receiving area will at first be covered by small red dots that will become scabs after the surgery. However, these scabs will fall off little by little and in 7-10 days you should not have any.

How long is beard transplant recovery?

The beard transplant is an outpatient procedure, and you will be able to go home the same day. It is recommended to wait at least three days to return to work, and aesthetically the area will look better after a week. Since the first days there will be blood residues, red spots and scabs.

Beard Hair Loss After Beard Transplant

It is completely normal that after 2-3 weeks you experience a partial or total loss of beard hair, do not worry. This is a natural and temporary process. The natural and transplanted hair would be born again and repopulate the area. After four months you will start to see the results of your beard implant.