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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

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Advancements in medical technologies allow new techniques to be developed in hair transplant operations and hair loss treatments. Now minimally invasive procedures, hair transplant operations have become what they are in parallel to the advances in the tools and materials used for the operations. Follicular Unit Extraction, or the FUE method, is a widely used hair transplant method that still has the highest success rate today.

Especially the change from metal slits to sapphrie tips for the opening of the micro channels in the transplant area has helped to carry the success of the FUE method one step further.

Sapphire FUE versus Classic FUE

In the FUE method, the use of sapphire tips, which are a lot sharper and smoother compared to the classical tips, for channel opening step has been groundbreaking for hair transplantation.

The use of tips made from sapphire, a valuable mineral, in FUE allows openning smoother channels in the implant area which results minimal formation of scabs, thus fastens the healing process. For this reason, while FUE performed with sapphire tips and not metal slits is not a new technique; it is an innovation implementing a new process within the FUE method.

In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) conducted with sapphire blades, after the patient is administered local anesthesia, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area by the utilization of a micro motor with micro punches in diameters of 0.6-0.7 or 0.8 mm. The extracted hair follicles should be transplanted into the channels that have been opened with the FUE method. These channels have a major influence on the density, angle and direction of hair growth, which are the determinants of obtaining a natural appearance.

For this reason, opening of the channels is considered to be the most important step for a successful operation. The best possible way to open micro channels is now achieved with the help of these special sapphire tips. The hair follicles are implamented to these channels. Having the channels, which are created using sharp, smooth and durable sapphire tips varying in sizes of 1,0 -1,3 – 1,5 mm, be the same width as the hair follicles helps increase the number of channels opened.

Sapphir blades is the best way possible to open micro channels.

Steps of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Extraction of Hair Follicles

In the FUE method, hair follicles are collected one by one with micro tips in sizes varying between 0.7 and 1.0 mm, depending on the hair length and follicle number. The high standards followed in the hair follicle extraction minimize the damage to the donor area and increase the patient comfort during the process.

Opening Channels

Compared to the metal slits in the conventional FUE method, channels opened with sapphire tips are a lot smaller and thus heal a lot faster. With sapphire tips, or classic metal slits, the direction of the hairs to be transplanted is determined during the channel opening step. In this step, sensitivity about the angle of the channels to be opened in the skin is one of the most important factors to get a natural outcome in the transplanted area.

A number of tips are enough for each patient depending on the width thickness of the hair follicles. Still, it is very important that each tip is only used for one patient alone.

Implantation of the Hairs

In the implantation step, the hairs are placed in the correctly directed channels with a 40-45 degree angle.

Of course, in addition to the quality of the medical materials used and the health standards of the clinic, the most important factor in every step of hair transplantation is the experience of the staff that is doing the transplant.

To get more information about “Sapphire Tip FUE Technique” which has been successfully performed in the Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic with natural and aesthetically pleasing results, you can get in connection with us here.

sapphire fue hair transplant

The Advantages of FUE Performed with Sapphire Blades in Comparison With Steel Blades:

  • Because of its qualities such as smooth surface with antibacterial properties, hardness, sharpness and durability, while opening micro channels, vibrations with sapphire tips will be minimal.
  • This way, both the trauma and tissue damage to the area is minimized.
  • In comparison with metal slits; FUE performed with sapphire tips enables more dense transplantation, which makes it possible for individuals with advanced hair loss to undergo a hair transplant procedure.
  • In addition to allowing a denser graft transplantation for volume, it helps to achieve a more natural outcome.
  • In comparison with metal slits, sapphire tips inject less fluids under the skin to open channels. As a result, fluid retention experienced after the surgery will be reduced, making the post-operative phase more comfortable for the patients.
  • As channels created for the transplan are smaller, tissue recovery will be faster in comparison to using metal slits, most importantly the skin will bond with a smooth surface.

A Complete Pain FREE Method in Hair Transplantation!

Thanks to the use of sedation given under the direct supervision of our anesthesiologist, you feel almost no pain even during the administration of local anesthesia prior to the hair transplant procedure.

This way, you will be having a more comfortable and pain-free hair transplant experience. Even though hair transplants are generally considered as painless procedures, this new method will help our patients who suffer from Trypanophobia (needle phobia), to feel at ease, allowing them to relax during the procedure. This method helps to completely eliminate the already minimal amount of pain involved with the procedure.

What is Sedation?

Sedation is a state of sleep under controlled sedative drug administration without loss of any reflexes, calibrated specifically to the patients needs. The depth of the sedation can be adjusted accordingly.

Do I Have to Receive Sedation?

Safe even for use on younger children, sedation allows for a almost zero discomfort hair transplant. We still offer hair transplant without sedation as an option for patients who prefer not to get sedated at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic.