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FUE vs. Neograft vs. Artas: Which Hair Transplant Method is Better?

We do not perform “Neograft” and “Artas” hair transplant at our clinic.

When it comes to a hair transplant, one can not help but hesitate about choosing the best hair transplant technique for his/her needs. People that are seeking a hair restoration procedure are usually having a hard time understanding the differences between hair transplant techniques.

Below, we’ll compare the FUE and NeoGraft and Artas (Robotic Hair Transplant) techniques to provide you the characteristics of each technique in dept.

Hair Transplant Techniques Comparison Chart

No Linear Scars X X X
Small Punch Size 0.7-0.8 mm 0.9 mm 1.0 mm
Short Recovery X X X
Wearing Short Hair X X X
Artistry & Expertness X
Graft Survival Excellent Variable Variable
Cost Affordable High High

How FUE Hair Transplant Works?

During FUE hair transplant, grafts (hair follicles) are taken individually from the donor area i.e., the back or sides of your head, and are implanted manually to the desired balding area.

Thereafter, small holes are created in the recipient site to implant these harvested hair follicles. FUE hair transplant implanter also enable more accurate graft implantation angle.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) also requires the highest amount of experience, skill, and labor force to create customised results. These factors provide more aesthetic and satisfactory results while causing no scar.

How Neograft Works?

NeoGraft hair transplant can be explained as a semi-automated FUE method. During NeoGraft technique, hair follicles from the donor area are extracted with a wand by sucking. This wand’s piston-driven motor applies a pneumatic pressure to the scalp.

Unlike FUE, the doctors do not have to perform incisions on the scalp manually. Instead a special device is used to both make the incisions and implant the grafts all at once.

Finally this tool applies controlled pneumatic pressure again to insert the grafts into the scalp.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost

NeoGraft is way more expensive than other hair transplant techniques as it is hard to find the device easily. Neograft clinics in the USA charge $5 to $10 per graft. For a 3000 graft hair transplant operation, the price goes up to $30,000.

Whatever options you choose, still the most important thing is to work with experienced doctor

Key Differences between FUE and NeoGraft

  • FUE is carried out by collecting hair follicles directly from the donor area and implanting them into small incisions that are already made in the recipient site. The main characteristic of FUE is that grafts are extracted individually one-by-one, and carefully transplanting them to the desired area of the scalp.
  • However, with NeoGraft, this manual implanting process is practised with the assistance of a specialized hair transplant device. Although Neograft technology seems to be implanting flawlessly, the robot is still not able to detect the defects that only physicians can observe.
  • Due to the need of quite a few technicians, many hair transplant clinics use robotic hair transplant technologies to minimize the cost of hair transplant. Because this much of a manpower may increase the expenses of hair transplant in different countries. However, neografts cost is way higher than FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey .
  • Although NeoGraft technology impresses patients at first, since it does not require incisions, sutures, the suction process may damage the hair grafts.
  • When it comes to a hair transplant, the punch size affects the success rate of the procedure. When compared FUE and NeoGraft, FUE method uses 0.7-0.8 mm smaller punch while NeoGraft uses .9 mm punch which may result in visible scarring.
  • The most advantageous feature of NeoGraft is the faster and  higher number of graft implanting in a single session. However this device offers lesser control and precision over the patient’s hair compared to FUE.
  • Graft quality can also be varied depending on the technique. There is still controversy about which technique has the best graft survival rate and grafts quality.

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Artas Hair Transplant (Robotic Hair Transplant) vs FUE

Artas hair transplant is a hair transplant technique using a robotic device which performs hair transplantation process alone without human intervention.

Robotic hair transplant may seem as the perfect choice at first glance since the robot never gets tired during the long hair transplant process. Yet, automatic hair transplant robots do not have the skills and vision of real hair transplant surgeons to fully perform the procedure.

Another aspect Artas possesses is the bigger punch size than other hair transplant techniques, such as FUE and NeoGraft, resulting in a scar. This is why Artas hair transplant results can be different than neograft results or FUE results .

We do not perform “Neograft” and “Artas” hair transplant at our clinic!

In Short

While the internet is full of false information and marketing strategies, it can still be difficult to determine which hair transplant method is suitable for you. Whether you receive FUE , NeoGraft , Artas hair transplant or smartgraft you have to find a qualified physician to carry out the process precisely from planning the operation to post-op care.