How long do I have to stay in Turkey for a hair transplant?

To carry out a successful hair transplant, we recommend that you stay in Turkey for a minimum 2 days. After your arrival to Turkey, you may undergo an operation. If you book a flight early, on the same day you can undergo a hair transplant procedure. If you land in Turkey in the later hours, you may rest in your hotel room and the next day you get your operation.  The steps to getting a hair transplant in Turkey are as follows:

  1. Before the operation, Dr. Serkan Aygin plans your operation and designs your hairline. Later, you will be prepared for the procedure by our medical team.
  2. After a hair transplant operation, our clinic provides you with post-op hair washing and cleaning. During this process, your bandage will be removed and you will be instructed  with “how to take care of your scalp after turning back to your country.” These post-op instructions provide you with plenty of aftercare information on what to expect after a hair transplant operation.
  3. You need to start a post-transplant hair washing process 3 days after hair transplant operation and follow the instructions once a day for 10 days.
  4. Finally you will be checked on your health and your newly-implanted hair’s condition.
  5. After having your operation, you need to rest for at least one day to feel well to flight back to your country. Some patients prefer to stay 3-4 days to rest in their hotel room, some like to travel around Istanbul.