Soft FUE – FUE Hair Transplantation with Soft Sedation Soft FUE – FUE Hair Transplantation with Soft Sedation

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Soft FUE

Soft FUE refers to carrying out a FUE hair transplant under sedation.

While the patient will remain awake during the procedure, he/she will not feel the graft extraction, recipient site creation. or transplantation processes. It is a pain-free procedure.

The patient is allowed to eat and drink prior to the operation. This does not prevent sedation to be administered. He/she can use the restroom throughout the procedure, and return home or to the hotel without having any difficulty, as soon as the operation ends. The patient can also be updated and informed during all stages of the operation.

Anesthesia in Hair Transplantation

Anesthesia is the only painful stage in the process of hair transplantation. Today, the anesthesia process is carried out in two common stages.

  1. Anesthesia administered by injection

    Despite the fact that anesthesia needles have very thin tips, they do cause a mild sense of pain. Because they are administered to the scalp, they can induce more intense pain sensations for the patients than receiving injections elsewhere on the body. Today, this method is the most commonly used anesthesia since it is cost-efficient for the patient.

  2. Anesthesia administered by applying pressure

    This process is carried out using a device that can administer the anesthetic agent into the skin. It was developed with the aim of reducing the pain felt during anesthesia by injection. This device touches the skin and delivers a more fluid anesthetic agent to the skin’s surface, with high pressure. Subsequently, anesthesia is administered by injection and is then less painful. Basically this first anesthetic agent administered does not spread homogeneously in the skin and cannot penetrate deeply. For this reason, in the anesthesia procedure to be performed in the subsequent process, the sense of pain may remain, although slightly. At this point, the application of sedation takes precedence over anesthesia administered by applying pressure.

Sedation Procedure

Sedation ProcedureSedation, which can even be used on infants, is one of the most advanced and important facilities of medicine within the field of anesthesia. Sedation is the administration of analgesic active ingredients to the body at an appropriate dose based on the physical condition of the person. In this procedure, the person remains conscious but his/her sensations are reduced. Thus, no pain is felt during injections or other medical interventions.

The presence of an anesthesiologist during the application of sedation is imperative, because the dose of sedation is determined by the physician after assessing the physical activity and pain threshold of the patient. This procedure is usually carried out by establishing vascular access through the arm. During the procedure, heart rhythm and other vital signs are continuously monitored. For this reason, the presence of the anaesthesiologist in the operating area is a very important factor.

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