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The Latest Hair Transplant Method: Direct Hair Implantation

DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the most advanced and innovative hair restoration treatment performed with a Choi implanter pen to treat hair loss in men and women painlessly and in a short time. DHI technique is developed upon the basis of graft extraction – transplantation technique (such as in Follicular Unit Extraction) in which hair follicles are harvested from a donor area (a place in the body where hair is extracted, usually the back of the head) and implanted to the recipient area where balding is experienced.


 DHI technique is regarded as a breakthrough in hair transplant procedures to achieve the most natural-looking results. The use of the Choi pen makes it possible to implant hair more densely, with very little impact on the integrity of the skin and perform hair transplant without shaving the head completely. At Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic, we want to ensure that you understand the DHI procedure in depth and consider your eligibility for the best hair transplant in Turkey and make a FUE and DHI comparison to guide you before your hair surgery.


An Insight into Hair Transplant Methods: What is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Exactly?

DHI method of hair transplant refers to the least minimally invasive hair restoration treatment performed to restore hair or increase hair volume, by a dermatologist and at least three hair transplant technicians. During a DHI hair transplant procedure, hair follicles in a donor area are grafted (ie., hair-bearing tissues are surgically removed) and directly implanted to the recipient site with the assistance of a Choi implanter pen without any delay.

DHI Hair Transplantation consists of two phases, namely, hair follicle extraction and graft implantation.

The initial phase, harvesting the donor hair from a site in the body with a high follicular density (such as the rear of the head called the occipital area, besides beard or chest in men) shares the same principles as the Follicle Hair Extraction method. Therefore, DHI Choi pen hair transplants are sometimes regarded among the sub-group of FUE techniques, such as Sapphire FUE or Micro FUE.

However, DHI technology for hair transplant brings groundbreaking novelty in terms of the hair implantation process by introducing the Choi implanter pen, a surgical tool that enables implanting hair grafts at accurate angles without damaging surrounding tissues.

Faster and Better: What is Choi Implanter Pen? How Does it Improve Hair Transplant Procedure?

The Choi Implanter Pen (also known as DHI Pen) is a pen-like medical instrument with a spring-loaded mechanism and a 0.5 – 1.5 mm hollow needle located at the tip of the DHI implanter.

 In the course of DHI hair transplants in Turkey, hair grafts that may contain 1-3 hair follicles are inserted in this hollow needle size of which varies according to the diameter of the inserted graft. Therefore, usually 5-6 Choi pens are utilized during a DHI hair restoration.  In Turkey DHI Hair Transplant surgery is performed by specialists who have profound expertise in performing the best DHI hair transplantation.”

Why is DHI Hair Transplant with Choi Pen is Advantageous?

When we make a comparison, such as DHI hair transplant vs FUE, one of the greatest advantages of DHI over classic FUE emerges to be the lack of need to perforate (ie., making incisions to create hair transplant channels where grafts are inserted) the skin in the recipient area. This minimizes the trauma and bleeding while ensuring a faster DHI hair transplant recovery time (around 10 days, as the scabbing falls off) and wound healing.

In classic FUE, grafts obtained need to be sorted and stored in a special solution while a hair transplant surgeon creates channels (known as hair transplant holes) by making small cuts. However, it is known that the time hair-bearing tissues spend outside the body may negatively influence the survival rate of follicles.

Addressing this problem, in DHI Choi pen hair transplants, once the grafts are obtained from the donor area, they are immediately loaded into the Choi implanter pen. At this point, it should be noted that the use of Choi pens provides better precision and accuracy for the hair transplant surgeon.

After this, the graft-bearing tip of the pen penetrates the skin to implant the hair follicles under the skin directly without damaging surrounding tissues. Minimizing the time hair follicles spend outside the scalp or any other donor area bolsters up the survival rate of grafts and helps patients achieve successful DHI hair transplant results at Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic.  


Advantages of Choi Pen Disadvantages of Choi Pen
The increased survival rate of grafts Up to 4000 grafts 
The high success rate of the hair transplant Higher cost due to:
Hair transplant without shaving the donor area (enabling long hair transplants such as hair transplant for women) Costly equipment
Minimal damage to the surrounding tissues  The number of highly experienced specialists needed during a DHI hair surgery
Higher density for graft implants Requires meticulous effort
No need for incisions in the recipient area  
No problems related to tissue storage after extraction  
Quick recovery after hair transplant  
The Pros and Cons of DHI Choi Implanter Pen

Who is Eligible for DHI Hair Transplant?

Most all adult women and men of all ages are eligible for a DHI hair transplant in Turkey. Depending on the hair density and the number of grafts necessary for hair coverage, you can learn if you are an ideal candidate for the DHI hair loss treatment at Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic.

We should underline that DHI hair transplant without shaving the head completely is possible.

Having to shave down their hair often emerges as a deterrent factor for people who have long hair when they plan to undergo a hair transplant. With the DHI hair transplant method, female hair transplant / long hair transplants are performed by shaving only a small part that can be hidden or covered by the rest of the patient’s hair.



DHI Hair Transplant Stages


The stages of a DHI Hair Transplant surgery can be summarized under two major parts, namely hair follicle extraction (ie., obtaining hair follicles from a donor area) and hair follicle transplantation (ie., impaling the obtained follicles into the scalp or other areas such as eyebrows, beard, or eyelashes).

Direct Hair Implantation Steps

Just like the FUE hair transplant, Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure is performed under local anaesthesia to be administered by an anesthesiologist to ensure a smooth and painless hair transplant experience for our patients. At Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic, we also offer soft sedation options for our patients to provide utmost comfort.

Hair Follicle Extraction


The following steps are followed during the graft harvest stage of DHI hair transplant / DHI eyebrow hair transplant / DHI Body Hair Transplant at Dr Serkan Aygic Clinic.

  1.     The donor area (back of the head, beard or chest) of the patient is shaved, while the recipient area requires no shaving.
  2. Donor hair is selected systematically with the best density ratio and with the assistance of a 0,7 mm 0,8 mm or 1,00 mm micro motor punch device or manual punch tool. (Note that the tip sizes of these two instruments vary according to the thickness of the hair follicles)


Hair Implantation

As the hair implantation in the DHI method does not require any effort to store the grafts or create a recipient site by making incisions, grafts obtained are directly implanted without a delay.

  1.     Grafted hair follicles are very gently inserted in the hollow needle tips of different Choi implanter pens by expert hair transplant technicians.
  2. The spring mechanism of the implanter pen is triggered by pressing down the plunger. Thus, the sharp tip of the Choi pen loaded with hair follicles pierces through the skin and places a graft under the skin at an angle of 45 degrees for scalp hair.
Hair grafts are loaded into the DHI pen and implanted immediately.

This procedure is repeated for every hair graft carefully and on average, a DHI hair transplant takes 6-8 hours to complete.

No Need to Break the Bank: DHI Hair Transplant Cost

When compared with the hair implant cost of other hair transplant methods, DHI cost per graft may appear slightly higher due to the intensity of efforts/labour and expertise required for a successful operation. However, though DHI hair transplant price quotations are significantly higher in both European countries and the US, at Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic we offer affordable and exceedingly high-quality DHI Hair Transplant operations for patients around the world.