In hair transplantation, it is important to identify and modify the factors that affect graft survival. Important factors include the patient’s health, hair characteristics and the operative techniques. According to several studies that have been conducted, the survival rates of hair grafts were approximately around 90% up to 100%.

  • In order to avoid the pitfall of injury to the graft during the extraction process of hair follicles, it is important to determine the correct orientation, exit angle and direction of each follicular unit. In the contrary case the hair follicles and the surrounding connective tissues that nurture new hair growth may sustain an injury.

  • To increase the survival rate as well as to improve the effect of hair transplantation, the optimal storage temperature for graft preservation should be maintained at 4°C. Another significant point is to place the follicular units into a storage solution. Even if all these conditions are met and put into practice, what matters most is how long the grafts remain outside the body.