There are numerous factors that influence the success rate of a hair transplant. Choosing a high quality clinic and an experienced doctor who works with highly trained medical staff are considered as one of the most significant factors. It also depends on the extent of your hair loss, the availability of your donor area and the type of procedure that you have. If you meet the necessary hair transplant treatment standards the right surgeon who has sufficient experience and skills may be able to deliver up to a 95% success rate.

FUE Hair Transplant results in approximately 95 to 100 percent success rate. However, it is absolutely worth noting that the expected level of success is based on the condition that the hair transplant doctor and his/her medical team performing the procedure are experienced and skilled in performing FUE procedures. It is important for patient’s to understand that a FUE procedure may require multiple sessions in order to achieve a higher success rate and satisfying hair transplant results.