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What You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

We all want to change our hair color from time to time and dye our hair. If you are also thinking of dyeing your hair to a different color, it is important for you to consider some points before dyeing your hair at home or at a saloon. Because there may be a negative impact on hair health due to chemicals applied to the hair. In this article, as Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic, we will share with you the key notes for you need to know before dyeing your hair.

What You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair?

One of the main things to do before dyeing hair is to find out the method suitable for your hair type. Since how long hair dye remains on hair depends on the hair thickness,  just as how long you should keep hair dye on hair depends on hair structure.  The hair dye is absorbed slowly in thick hair, and because of that, it is necessary to wait longer than thin hair before starting the washing process.

If your hair is permed, you should know that the dye will be absorbed quickly, but will bleed very fast too. In order to achieve the best color, it will be useful to master hair dyeing tricks. Going from light to dark hair is a simple process. However, you need to use a hair lightener to turn from a dark color to a light color.

Hair Color Lightning with a Hair Lightener

Chemicals that lighten the hair color fractionally are called hair lighteners. The ones in the form of spray, cream and gel must be used correctly. You can lighten your hair color in the tones as you wish with the chemical called bleaching powder, which is often used in hairdressers.

But it will still be better to apply hair coloring with a lightener that suits your hair type best in consultation with a hairdresser. If you are thinking about how to lighten your hair yourself at home, you should plan the necessary steps in advance and stick to the recommended waiting time. Otherwise, you may experience problems such as unimprovable bleach burn or breakage in your hair. The amount you will use and the time you will wait vary depending on the color of your hair and light tone you want to switch to.

Hair Coloring Suggestions that Should Be Known

A lot of women would like to change the color of their hair without damaging their hair health. For this, natural dyes with less chemicals are being marketed today. It is necessary to have some knowledge about hair dyeing techniques to not encounter problems such as hair loss and shedding as a result of applying chemicals to the hair too often.

You can trust a referenced hairdresser to change your hair color or you can purchase hair dye and do this process by yourself. If you think that it would be hard on your own, you can ask for help from someone you know. Weakening and drying of the hair are among the biggest disadvantages of the dyeing process. To not encounter such problems, it will be good to learn about what to do before dyeing hair.

Should Hair Dye be Applied to Clean Hair? Can Wet Hair be Dyed?

First of all, you should know that you need to apply hair color to dry hair. It is even recommended not to wash your hair for a while before dyeing your hair. If your hair is not washed at least 24 hours before the coloring process, you will get more lasting results. When you wash your hair, you lose the oil on the scalp. However, this oil is in charge of protecting your hair. If you wash your hair, it will be vulnerable and has a tendency to become weathered because the grease will disappear. One of the most important issues among hair dyeing tricks is that your hair must be unwashed or even be oily for the dyeing process.

Also, the dye will be more permanent and you won’t need to repeat the coloring process for a longer period of time. No matter how natural the dye you use, there is some damage because your hair attracts a foreign substance. Coloring hair too often or using bleaching chemicals can cause hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to make the hair dyeing process as long as possible and to rest the hair. In addition, constantly dyeing your hair leads to dulling and weakening of your hair. Depending on the growth time of your hair, you can only apply to the roots when your roots come and avoid damaging your entire hair.

What Should You Consider Before Using a Hair Lightener?

The question of how to dye light hair is frequently asked. If you want to change your hair color from dark to light, you need to use a certain amount of lightener depending on the tone you choose. If you don’t have dye in your hair and you only want to lighten your hair by one or two tones, you can do this with a hair dye without using bleach but if you have dye in your hair, you should definitely use a chemical lightener such as bleaching powder.

If the hair lightener stays on your hair for too long, it can cause problems such as breakage, wear, burning, dulling. If you are going to have your hair bleached at the hairdresser, you should make sure that you choose an expert.

If you want to get your hair lightened at home, you must follow the instructions on the hair dye can that you purchased. You should not leave the lightener on your hair for more than the recommended time. If your hair does not lighten in the tone you want, you can apply lightening again after a few weeks. Since chemical bleaches will thin your hair, it is for your own good to rest your hair for a while.

In order not to encounter problems such as hair loss and bleach burn during the hair bleaching process, which is the most risky one among the other types of hair coloring, you can choose to have this procedure done by an experienced hairdresser. If you are going to lighten your hair yourself, it is useful to see the result by applying a hair lightener first. Testing before applying a lightener to all your hair will protect you from the risk of losing your hair.

At the beginning of the hair dyeing techniques using lightener, the darker areas are first applied and after waiting for a while, the other areas are being applied with the chemical. However, if you have a single color in your hair, you can apply the lightener with the help of a toothed comb, starting from the roots. One of the things to consider before dyeing hair with bleach is that you should wash your hair no more than 35-40 minutes after the application. You should take care not to exceed this period of time to not be disappointed afterwards.

Tips on How to Dye Hair at Home

If you are wondering how to dye hair at home, you can check over the use instructions of the dye. If you want to achieve color integrity in your hair, you must have enough dye according to the length and thickness of your hair. Adjusting the amount of dye is the first step in hair coloring application. If the roots and ends of your hair are of different colors, the holding time of the dye should also be different.

The question of what to do before dyeing hair very often occurs. First of all, to not get the dye on your clothes and skin, you need to place a towel around your neck and use gloves for application. To have more shiny and vibrant hair, you can take care of your hair a few days before dyeing. It is recommended to use a moisturizing care cream to remove the damage caused by the dye after the procedure to get more healthy results. Hair dye boxes usually contain hair care creams for you to use. After rinsing your hair properly, it is beneficial to apply this cream to your entire hair. If you want to get more professional hair coloring ideas, you can also take advice from hairdressers.

Among the hair dye products available in the market, such as gel, cream and foam, you should choose the one that best suits your hair type. Hair dyeing process at home will start to come easy to you once you get used to it. In order for the smell of the dye not to harm you and those around you, it is recommended to ventilate the room where you are doing the application. It is enough for your hair’s health to repeat it 6 to 8 weeks after the first dyeing process. You should wait as long as possible, as repeated hair dyeing in a short time will lead to serious damage to your hair. You can choose natural dyes to change the color of your hair in a healthy way.