• 10 Dec 2022
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There are different hair transplantation techniques, and choosing the right one depends on several elements:

The vastity of the bold area, the quality of the donor area, the number of grafts needed, etc…

With the advance of technology in the hair transplantation field, hair transplant methods evolved, and new tools and techniques were discovered.

One of the most innovative hairs restoration treatments is the DHI hair implantation with the Choi Implanter pen.

In this article, we will explain to you what Choi Pen is, how it changed the way of operating, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Choi Implanter Pen: What is it?

The Choi Implanter Pen was invented in 1992 at Kyungpook National University in South Corea. The Choi pen is a precise and effective tool, and it is used to perform excellent hair transplantation that gives a more natural appearance.

It is a surgical tool resembling the shape of a pen, it has a 0.5 mm–1.0 mm hollow needle located at its tip and a micro motor that enables the graft extraction very easily.

Before becoming widely popular in our society, it was designed to solve the problem of baldness patterns in Asian men whose hair is typically thicker compared to Caucasian and African hair.

For this reason, The Choi pen was not effective on all types of hair, but thanks to technological advancement it has been adapted to thinner hair textures.

When and why to use a Choi Implanter Pen

The Choi Pen is used for hair transplant surgery with DHI, one of the most innovative and effective transplant techniques.

Thanks to the Choi Implanter Pen, the grafts extracted from the donor area ( back of the head, beard, chest) are directly implanted on the transplanted one, without the need of making an incision on the skin. Once the grafts are extracted they are placed in the Choi Pen in the hollow needle (connected through a tube to the plunger) and implanted directly one by one on the bald area at an accurate angle of 40-45 degrees.

The efficiency and rapidity of the Choi pen contribute to the increase in the survival rates of transplanted follicles. In other transplant techniques, the grafts are kept outside the patient’s body, while the doctor is opening the channel. This is a very delicate procedure since unfrozen follicles can survive outside the body for a maximum of 6 hours.

According to the patient’s needs, during the operation can be used up to 6 Choi Pen with different needles to fit the graft size.

The Choi pen allows for a hair transplant without shaving the recipient area, thus being the ideal choice for a patient with long hair who does not want to shave for the procedure.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Choi Pen?


  • Better control on the angle of implantation
  • Ensure a higher survival of the grafts
  • Higher density
  • Lower chance of infections ad bleeding due to absence of incision
  • Speeder recovery
  • No need to shave hair


  • Require more effort and training from the medical team
  • More expensive than other techniques
  • Up to a certain amount of grafts: 3500-4000
  • Not the best option for very curly hair

Is a DHI transplant performed with Choi Implanter Pen better than an FUE Sapphire transplant?

Two of the most researched and preferred hair restoration techniques are the DHI with Choi Pen and the FUE Sapphire.

Both are considered the most advanced and best solutions for patients who desire to achieve a fuller natural hair look. Which one is better? Why?

DHI with Choi Implanter Pen VS FUE Sapphire

Both techniques extract the grafts in the same way (collecting them from the donor area and then transplanting the roots in the bold areas). However, in the DHI, thanks to the Choi Pen implanter, the grafts are implanted directly into the patient’s skin without waiting for the opening of the channels (incision).

The Choi pen makes all processes smother, decreasing the trauma and the bleeding, ensuring a faster recovery, and boosting up the survival rate of the grafts.

Another difference between those two amazing hair restoration treatments is the application. While DHI does not require patients to shave before the surgery, the FUE Sapphire does it. Furthermore, while the DHI with Choi Pen can achieve a higher density, the FUE Sapphire hair transplant is a better option for operating on patients with wider bald areas.

Besides, the DHI operation with Choi pen requires more skills and experience than FUE, the medical teams undergo a long-term training period to specialize in utilizing this technique.

Both methods are minimally invasive and give excellent results, but just a doctor, after the patient examination, can decide which option is more suitable for the patient.

For this reason, before undergoing a hair transplant surgery, as Dr. Serkan Aygın’s clinic, we suggest you choose the best clinic that can support and provide you with more detailed information.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Serkan Aygınhas been working in the hair restoration field with the most advanced devices and operating with a high-trained medical team.

Does the Choi Pen leave any scar?

As earlier mentioned, the Choi Implanter Pen makes post-operation care easier without making any incision on the scalp, decreasing bleeding and trauma during hair transplantation. Choi pen accelerates the recovery time and wound healing and decreases the chance ofscarring. Of course, all the patients should always follow the post-operation guidelines to achieve the best possible result.

At Dr. Serkan Aygın, we give all our patients detailed post-operative guidelines, to help and guide them during the first weeks after their hair transplantation. For more information, you can check it on our website.

Who can perform a hair transplant with Choi Pen?

As said above, a DHI hair transplant wıth Choi pen has many positive sides, making the operation faster and reassuring a more natural look. However, a hair transplant performed with Choi Pen requires a well-trained and professional medical team. Not everyone can use the Choi pen appropriately, and a doctor who has not enough experience can endanger the follicles.

However, with the right medical team, your hair transplant experience will be a complete success. Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic is one the best clinic in Istanbul that performs DHI hair transplants with Choi pen at a very affordable price.