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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Your New Hair Awaits!

Turkey has become the leading country in medical tourism, especially hair transplant procedures. The country has affordable prices and the best-experienced surgeons.  

Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic is a well-established clinic focusing on hair treatments and transplants, based in Turkey. If you have hair loss or hair thinning problems, we might have the solution for you!

This article will help you understand why Turkey and Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic should be at the top of your list while considering a hair transplant operation. Here are some of the key points:


Hair Transplant in Turkey: What does it offer?

Turkey is well-known for its high success rates and innovative methods. It offers good quality care at an affordable price. Every year, Turkey receives over a million people for health treatments, bringing in $10 billion.

At Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, we have successfully treated over 50,000+ happy patients.

Our clinic is one of the best places in the world for hair transplants. Patients can get all-inclusive packages that help with any problems during the visits. We have expert doctors, and we are %100 transparent about our services. This makes us a top choice for your hair restoration practices.

Why do people go to Turkey for hair transplants?

People choose Turkey for hair transplants because it has many advantages compared to other countries. Patients come to Turkey for: 

  • Lower prices
  • High-skilled doctors in their field
  • The best health tourism experience
  • High success rates
  • Favorable currency exchange 
  • Modern hair transplantation methods

Additionally, at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, you can feel confident in your choice, as the clinic is highly endorsed by positive media and press reviews.

With these points, coming to Turkey really checks out all the doubts on people’s minds. 

Which hair transplant methods are used in Turkey?

In Turkey, there are two main methods for hair transplants: Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). With the advanced technology we offer in our clinic, these methods are becoming easier and easier to perform.

Pros and Cons of a hair transplant in Turkey?

You can check out our table with the advantages and disadvantages of coming to Turkey for a hair transplant. 


Pros of a hair transplant in Turkey 

Cons of a hair transplant in Turkey 

Affordable prices

Traveling abroad

Experienced doctors

Cultural differences

Top-skilled teams


Advanced techniques


High success rates


Follow up service


Does Turkey hair transplant work?

Yes, a hair transplant in Turkey works and it brings a number of advantages with it. We take healthy and immune hairs from the donor site and implant them into the areas with hair loss. It is a permanent procedure with a success rate of over 95%.

As a hair clinic, we are proud to introduce cutting-edge standards in our country. Our patients know they are in a trusted and well-known clinic.

Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

With new technology, hair transplant procedures in Turkey are better than ever. All of our doctors are experts in hair loss treatments and keep up with all the latest developments. As a hair clinic, we ensure that our hair transplant procedures run smoothly, with highly skilled doctors performing them.

The operation usually has 4 or 5 steps. It starts with shaving. Then, local anesthesia is applied, and the hair is extracted. After that, the hair is implanted using special pens. The steps may vary depending on the surgery method. We offer all available methods in one center, making them easy to access.

At our clinic, regardless of the chosen hair transplant technique, if the situation allows, patients receive the treatment in only one session. That is a great benefit we offer to our customers.

Are there any risks of a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

No, there aren’t any risks of a hair transplant in Turkey. The country is one of the top choices for a safe hair transplant. Every medical process has some risks, but there’s no need to worry about getting a hair transplant in Turkey. Make sure the doctors and the clinics are approved by the Turkish Health Ministry. This way, you’ll get a high-quality hair transplant that offers a permanent solution.

The safety of our patients is a top priority for us. In Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, our team and staff will surprise you with the service you get. 

Hair Transplant in Turkey in Numbers

Last year, Turkey had many tourists, as it does every year. Patients say that by coming to Turkey for their hair transplants, they save up to %80. The amount you save can be different depending on which country you come from.

In Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, we have over 50,000 satisfied patients.

Turkey received 1.538.643 health patients in 2023

The revenue generated from these visits is $3,006,092.

In the year 2024, these numbers are expected to get higher!

Hair transplant success rate in Turkey

Studies show that the success rate of hair transplants in Turkey is between 95% and 99%. This means that only 1 to 4 out of every 100 patients are not satisfied with their results. This is an overall statistic and doesn’t explain the reasons for dissatisfaction. 

Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic is known for its high success rates over %95

How Much is the Average Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The average price for a hair transplant in Turkey is around $4,500. There are no hidden costs, and you can expect top-quality service. Compared to other countries, our price range is considered affordable.

Are there any hair transplant package deals?

Yes, different types of operation packages cover everything from flights to hotels. Our clinic offers packages that often vary based on the technique used for your procedure. 

Package deals are beneficial when going abroad because they help lower costs and reduce risk factors. You can get an online consultation with us to see which one of our packages is better for you.

How long does it take?

On average, a hair transplant operation usually takes about 4 hours. However, the exact time can vary depending on how many hair grafts you need. 

With the DHI technique we use in Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, the procedure time can be shorter because of our bigger team and the increased number of implanter pens (Choi pens) we use.

What Makes Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic Special?

Dr. Serkan Aygın is one of the biggest professionals in the hair transplant field since the 90s. He has almost 3 decades of experience and ensures every part of the clinic is high-skilled just like himself.

Satisfactory Results & Happy Patients

The clinic has remarkable results, and patients often tell their friends and family to try Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic. Because of these referrals, we started a membership program to give extra credit and discounts to patients who refer to our services. You can find more details on our referral membership page: 

Reputable Publications

Dr. Serkan Aygin has many articles written about him. In a recent “Business Insider” article, Spencer Macnaughton talks about his great experience with Dr. Aygin.

The writer says Dr. Aygin is very kind and makes his patients feel welcome. Macnaughton decided to get a hair transplant after seeing his friend’s amazing results from Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic. Dr. Serkan Aygin is also mentioned in GQ and other magazines for his successful career. He is a member of the “International Society of Dermatology.”

Here’s a list of the press and awards Dr. Serkan Aygin has received:

  • Esquire
  • GQ Magazine
  • Men’s Journal
  • European Awards in Medicine, France
  • La Vanguardia

Five Star Recognition

Dr. Serkan Aygın’s hard work and dedication have made a big difference in hair transplant tourism in Turkey. In December 2019, he won the “Europe’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Award” at the European Awards in Medicine in Paris.

You can see the whole timeline of his career on our website under “Press & Awards.”

Famous Names

Dr. Serkan Aygın is famous worldwide for his skills and has treated many celebrities. Some of the names you might recognize include:

  • Murat Kazgan, Martial Artist
  • Tony Cortes, Actor
  • Jeremie Aliadiere, Football Player
  • Michael Giovanni Rivera, Model
  • Antonio Giuliani, Actor


At Serkan Aygin’s clinic, we are so sure of our results that we give you an 18-month warranty after the operation. This warranty only covers the area where the hair is implanted (recipient area) and doesn’t include any treatments or therapy sessions done outside our clinic. Getting a hair transplant at our clinic in Turkey guarantees the best possible results.

3D Hair Analysis With Doku Arc

With Doku Arc, our clinic offers a special 3D analysis of the head before the operation. This analysis has three steps: making a full 3D model of the head, taking photos from every angle, and doing a hair strand analysis.

This way, you can see your whole head in detail. Dr. Serkan Aygın can show you the areas he wants to focus on using the 3D model and photos. Our hair strand analysis is an extra special step that helps plan your hair transplant. On the screen, you will be able to see each strand of your hair and how good it is as a donor graft.

Advanced Techniques

Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic uses the best and newest equipment for all their treatments. In Turkey, you can choose from several hair transplant methods, all using the latest technology and top-skilled teams. The clinic’s Long DHI method shows how advanced it is. You can watch the video of Dr. Serkan Aygin himself getting this procedure done here:

Stress-Free Experience

With a package, every step of your visit will be handled by our team. You will get a %100 trusted plan including VIP transfers, the hotel, aftercare, your first hair wash after the operation, and more. You will be accompanied by a translator of your native language. There will be no room for you to worry about anything!

Clinic’s Atmosphere

The clinic feels different from regular hospitals. It’s full of artwork, and every room is designed to make patients feel welcome. While waiting or resting between steps, you’ll be in a creative space that helps you forget you’re in a medical facility.

How to Find the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are a lot of indicators when looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey. You need to make sure your wants are aligned with the clinic you choose. You should follow these points:

  • Do extensive research on what the clinics promise. 
  • Look for credentials and accreditations.
  • Read patient reviews and testimonials from reliable sources.
  • Ask for before and after photos and search the clinic’s website.
  • Look for ethical and transparent practices.
  • Get a consultation with the doctor for further information. 
  • Look for press and media appearances and awards.

Excellent Results with Dr Serkan Aygin: Hair Transplant Before After Pictures

Here are some of our before and after photos from our patients. You can see different graft numbers and how much of a change they make to get a basic idea.

Traveling to Turkey: What to Know?

Turkey is ranked 44th out of 136 countries for Travel/Tourism Competitiveness. It’s known for its affordable prices, cleanliness, good health facilities, helpful tourist services, and easy air travel, which are all important for medical tourism.

How long does a hair transplant take in Turkey?

If you’re getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you’ll need to stay for 2 to 3 nights and 3 to 4 days. You will be handed all this information before your visit. Make sure to plan your trip or take time off work accordingly.

Can I fly back from Turkey after a hair transplant?

During your flight home, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice and remember all your instructions. Be careful not to touch your new hair, and be ready to do all the aftercare steps.

It is very important to stay for the aftercare to protect your new hair. Leaving right away could hurt your recovery and make the operation less likely to succeed.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

Turkey has visa-free access to over 100 countries. You’ll need your national ID or passport, according to what is required. If you need a visa, check out these links to get further information about your country:

  • Your country’s visa requirements 
  • All visa-related information
  • Contact a Turkish embassy in your country
  • Turkish Electronic Visa Application System

What to put in your luggage?

You might forget to pack some important but specific things. Let’s go over what you need to bring for your trip to Turkey.

  • Documents, passport, ID 
  • Loose-fitting sleepwear, preferably a button-up.
  • Casual relaxed fitting clothing, preferably button-ups, polo shirts, or zip-ups. 
  • Prescribed medication
  • Toiletries

How many hours does it take to fly to Istanbul?

If you’re visiting from Europe, your flight won’t take long with an average of 3.5 hours. Istanbul is an easy city to access. Here are some of the cities and their direct flight hours to Istanbul: 

Turkey, Istanbul Flight Durations to Some Cities


4 Hours and 5 Mins

New York

9 Hours and 50 Mins


9 Hours and 55 Mins


2 Hours 35 Mins


3 Hours 25 Mins


3 Hours


2 Hours 55 Mins


3 Hours 20 Mins


4 Hours and 5 Mins


4 Hours 20 Mins


4 Hours 25 Mins

São Paulo

12 Hours 40 Mins


11 Hours 5 Mins