Hair Transplant Turkey Experience

Philipp´s Hair Transplant Experience

Philipp Transformation Story

Philipp first noticed he was losing his hair in his early 20’s. After years, it has become more hard for him to hide his receded hairline and he decided to get a hair transplant at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic. The plan for this patient was to create a natural-appearing hairline using 3000 grafts. After his hair transplant operation, 3000 grafts have been implanted successfully using FUE technique. The team aimed both restoring his hairline and having the ability to wear the hair short on the sides and back without any signs of a hair transplant procedure.
  • From Switzerland
  • Surgery Type FUE
  • Grafts 3000
  • Months Later 4
  • Age 25
  • Session Number 1
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