For individuals experiencing hair loss, a hair transplant may also require other additional sources of donor hair. For men who do not have a sufficient supply of hair in the donor area, body hair transplant may be the solution. As an example, if the donor hair, which takes place at the back of the head is not sufficient to cover all areas of baldness, the chance of a successful hair transplant is unlikely. For this reason, to be able to perform a more successful hair transplant operation, grafts from different parts of the patient’s body can also be used.

For men planning on undergoing a hair transplant, after beard hair, body hair can be  considered as a third source of grafts recipient. If grafts extracted from the back of the head, then the beard area are still not sufficient for coverage, among other options, chest hair can be considered as a good alternative source of hair follicles in hair transplantation. There are 2 underlying reasons why body hair is considered as the 3’rd additional donor source in hair transplantation. The first reason is; body hair grafts, particularly chest hair, have a similar structure as beard grafts; they are thick and contain one or two hairs. As for the second reason; as the anagen phase of body hair is much shorter; body hair grows shorter. This being said; hair grafts obtained from the chest cannot be used in front hair restoration.