The term graft is used frequently in hair transplantation terminology and it stands for “hair follicle”. An average graft usually holds 2 or 3 strands of hair. 2000 grafts have approximately 5000 to 6500 hair follicles. Calculation of graft count in hair transplantation involves examination of the transplantation area to figure out the number of follicles needed to cover the hair loss in that area.


The total number of grafts needed for hair transplantation can vary widely because of the great variability between patients with respect to their unique hair characteristics, hair density, scalp laxity, the area that requires coverage, facial characteristics and general aesthetic requirements. However, the minimum amount of grafts you require for hair transplantation will vary around 2000-3000 grafts. The image above provides you with an idea on the number of grafts that you may require for hair transplantation based on your current hair loss classification level.