Benefits of sports on hair health

Effects of Doing Sports on Hair Health Dr Serkan Aygın Clinic 2020-08-04 12:26:08

Sport is one of the most important components for healthy and beautiful hair. If you are doing the right things for your hair and you have a healthy nutrition program, you use natural products, you do not have any underlying health problems, your hair will be healthy. If despite all of this, your hair is still falling, you may need to exercise more!

Considering today’s dense living conditions, we know that healthy eating and exercise are difficult and time consuming. However, you don’t have to suffer during doing exercise; perhaps you can achieve this by making a few changes in your daily life. Here’s what you have to pay attention to find the exercise that you will enjoy doing. So, how does the sport improve your health?

Stress affects your whole body; and of course your hair. When you are stressed, your body produces stress hormone called cortisol. The cortisol hormone affects your entire body, which can lead to hair loss. When you do sports, your body will reduce the stress by producing the hormone of happiness serotonin, Reduction of stress; It affects the health and beauty of hair directly, as well as your skin and other parts of your body

How does the hair grow?

Hair is extended by a repeated cycle of the three stages. In the first stage, a new hair tissue is formed, it is fed with blood and it lasts between two and eight years. The second stage is between two and four weeks. The hair at this stage is away from the blood supply and stops elongation. In the last two to four month interval, the hair do not feed anymore but does not fall. After the last stage, the elongation cycle of the hair is completed and then the first stage is started again. The old hair texture is pushed out and consists of a new tissue. As a natural part of the process, an average of 100 hair roots are falling daily. This allows space for new hair to grow.

Causes of Hair Loss

When the hair elongation cycle is completed, the hair is temporarily or permanently lost, but does not create a new hair texture. In addition, the following reasons cause hair loss:

  • Stress,
  • Some diseases,
  • Hormonal changes in the body,
  • Malnutrition,
  • Certain drugs used may disrupt the hair growth cycle.

Some people suffer from hair loss after 3 months of stressful life events. Hair loss may continue for several months if the stress persists. This time may be longer in some people. In addition, some drugs used in the treatment of heart disease, hypertension and depression may cause temporary hair loss. However, hair loss can occur in both men and women due to hormonal changes in the body.

Your Psychological Condition Affects Directly Your Hair Health

Keeping both your mind and your body’s health at the highest possible level; can prevent hair loss due to stress and physical health problems. While doing sports; you release hormones like endorphins that will make you happier and reduce the effects of stress. To maintain a healthy heart and veins, at least 150 minutes of mild cardio training per week and at least 75 minutes of strong cardio training are recommended. This keeps blood circulation at the optimum level, reduces inflammation in the body and also; It has positive effects on the health of skin, hair and nail.

How Important is Exercise For Hair Health?

Modern life is almost equivalent to stress word. When you are stressed; The whole body including hair follicles is affected. In addition, more stress hormones are produced. This slows the elongation of the hair and may cause hair loss.

When you do sports, the hormone of happiness in the body, serotonin levels are increased. Elevation of the hormone of happiness level help your body to fight with stress. Having a regular fitness program supports healthy hair growth and gives you more shiny hair. The benefits of exercise are not limited to hair only but also makes you feel happier and healthier. What happens when you don’t do sports?

Not to do sports but to eat healthy; it is like applying oil to hair without massaging and it doesn’t help much. Therefore, even if you are applying a healthy diet, it may not be enough for your hair, and the result may be a skin and hair that looks lifeless.

Does Exercise Require A Lot of Time?

There are many legends about doing sports. First of all, you don’t have to go to the gym to do sports or exercise for hours. You can also exercise at home or in a park near your home. A 20 minute cardio and a 25-30 minute pilates program will be sufficient. Or you can also start an activity that you enjoy, such as dance and martial arts. Everything it is about being stable and reshaping your thoughts.

What is the Most Effective Sports for Hair Health?

To improve your hair health; You can start with any cardio training such as walk, run, bike, dance, pilates, yoga, zumba. If you have decided to make your sport at home; you can think about buying a treadmill . In addition, yoga is also considered to be beneficial for hair health. Yoga; Increases blood flow to the head area and provides the things you need for fast hair growth. Yoga also helps regulate hormonal imbalances, another cause of hair loss. Also; It increases the concentration, has a calming effect and helps the digestive system to heal.

Does Excessive Sport Causes Hair Loss?

One of the most curious subjects about sports and hair health is whether an intensive training program leads to hair loss. Well, does excessive sport cause hair loss? According to experts, at the age of 35, two-thirds of men experience significant hair loss, and 85% of these men suffer from significant hair loss.

There may be many reasons for hair loss. These may include genetic factors; Some drugs used, stress, some diseases and malnutrition, which also causes serious nutrient deficiency, including protein, zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron, can also cause hair loss.

When it comes to the question of whether doing sports would cause hair loss, here it is necessary to determine the frame of extreme sport. If it is an intense weight program mentioned herein, it is known to cause some changes in the body. However, since hair growth occurs within 3-5 years, it is unlikely that a hair loss due to increased testosterone will appear immediately after starting the intensive weight program. In addition, weight programs; it is unlikely to have a long-lasting effect on hair loss, as it causes a temporary increase in testosterone levels.

On the other hand; An increase in male pattern hair loss may be seen in persones who are taking steroids and other supplements designed to increase testosterone levels if they are genetically predisposed. In addition, too much vitamin A supplements also cause hair loss. It is therefore unlikely that your weight lifting program will cause direct hair loss. If you are worried about this, you can get an opinion by contacting a specialist doctor on the subject.

If your hair loss continues despite everything, you can consider applying Hair Mesotherapy or contact our clinic directly for Hair Transplantation.

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