• 13 Oct 2022
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Since African-American hair transplant patients tend to have thicker and curlier hair, doctors need to pay special attention to their hair. People from African descent usually have 4a, 4b, 4c hair types. Most people believe that afro-textured hair is not suitable for a hair transplant. This is one of the myths about afro hair transplant. People from African descent can also undergo a hair transplant procedure and have successful results. Their curly and thick hair provide an advantage in adding density to their hair. So it takes less grafts to cover the bald areas while implanting. A hair transplant surgeon must be skilled at creating customised hairlines according to each patient’s hair loss need. Dr. Serkan Aygin carried out thousands of hair transplants for black females and hair transplants for black males in the last 20 years.

In black hair restoration, special attention needs to be paid while harvesting and implanting grafts to prevent hair transplant infection. Ethnic hair transplant operations need a specific operation process. As stated in the video, african hair transplant cost is less in Turkey. Besides, in terms of quality and care, the standards are much higher in Turkey. This is thanks to Turkey’s advanced healthcare infrastructure and medical training.

Although there are a number of challenges performing hair transplant on African-textured hair, there are also a lot of advantages.

  • During the hair transplant process, the implanting angle will determine the curliness of the new hair growth. Each graft needs to be inserted precisely to match the existing hair type and hair line.
  • Since African-type hair type is more fragile than other hair types, it requires more care. The reason for this is that roots are easier to be damaged.
  • Since african hair is thicker and curlier, each hair follicle grafted provides a denser look than straight hair. Meaning curly hair transplant can get you superior results in terms of coverage.

African American Hair Transplant Review

Oliver, 33, is an African-American basketball player who had a hair transplant procedure at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic. He is a power forward who most recently played for “Eisbären Bremerhaven”. His first hair transplant operation in Germany was a failure. That is why he decided to get his hair fixed by Dr. Serkan Aygin. In his second hair transplant operation, 3600 greft was implanted to his frontal and crown/temporal area using the DHI method.

After having his failed hair transplant in Germany, Oliver decided to go to Turkey for a second hair transplant. His previous hair transplant was carried out poorly. He had a sideburn hair transplant, temporal point hair transplant and crown hair transplant for his receding hairline. In 2020, at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, 3600 grafts were transplanted to his crown area and frontal area. 3000 grafts were taken from his backhead. Also 600 grafts were taken from his beard to add density to his hair naturally.

“I could ask my questions to my patient representative. Then I rested on the first day I arrived at the hotel. On the second day, they took me to the clinic for my consultation and operation. I would like to say, I am incredibly pleased with everything about the clinic. From A to Z, it was very satisfying. I did not feel any pain and I was able to talk to my translator during my operation. During my first meeting, I was able to ask all my questions to Dr. Serkan Aygin. At the end of the procedure, 3600 grafts were implanted without any pain.”

“The grafts extraction process was faster, the sedation was painless. Everything was amazing. After 6-7 hours, I ate my food and went back to the hotel. Since I am an African American, my hair texture is curly. The first time I had my hair transplant in Germany, they told me the operation will be more difficult to perform and only 1800 grafts were planted there. Plus, I paid a lot of money. However, at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, 3600 grafts were implanted and I paid half. I highly recommend this place. I had undergone a hair transplant operation in Berlin,Germany before. However I did not have that good experience there. I researched this clinic thoroughly because I was nervous about my second hair transplant. Fortunately, Dr. Serkan designed and drew my hairline exactly as I imagined and everything went perfect “