Stem cell therapy is a new approach to treating hair loss. Stem cell therapy especially has been praised for its ability to provide visible improvement in the restoration of hair, texture, growth, strength and people from every segment of life can benefit from the treatment regardless of their gender and age. 

Stem cells are unique due to the fact that they are unspecialized and can potentially develop into cells of many different kinds that can also repair and maintain tissues. Basically, stem cell hair therapy uses stem cells found in your fat cells to encourage healing. Both men and women can undergo stem cell hair therapy to improve hair thickness and density. However, stem cell hair restoration is ideal for patients who already have some hair present on the scalp; patients who are completely bald may not be the best candidates for this procedure.

Apart from those who want to improve their appearance and boost their confidence, stem cell therapy is also extremely useful for people who are suffering from Alopecia due to various medical conditions like thyroid imbalances, fungal infections, or stress. However, the extent of the restoration can vary due to individual patient characteristics.