“Stem Cell Therapy is not performed in our clinic”

Essentially, a stem cell is a cell that is capable of numerous divisions (in some cases, indefinite divisions). It is also capable of making new cells that the body doesn’t normally produce on its own. This includes nerve cells, cardiac cells, mature blood cells, and many others. When dead or damaged hair follicles stop growing, the body does not always replace them. There is evidence that stem cells may help by re-triggering the growth and reproduction of cells in an area of the body that was formerly too old or damaged to do so on its own. 

Stem cell therapy for hair loss involves using stem cells obtained from adipose tissue, or fat. Fat contains the most concentrated amount of adult stem cells in the body. By injecting harvested stem cells into the scalp, these damaged hair follicles can be repaired and new hair growth can be effectively stimulated. 

Fat stem cells are placed using micro-droplet fat injections, which involves a mini liposuction procedure to obtain fat stem cells from abdominal fat. These fat stem cells are purified in a centrifuge and then injected directly into the balding areas of the scalp. Based on cell-to-cell communication and micro-environmental signaling, the fat-derived stem cells are able to induce more hair follicles to grow by activating or signally existing dormant follicles to enter into a growth phase.