The percentage of hair transplants that result in failure can be said to be low in percentage provided the patient is in good health, follows the pre-and post-operative instructions outlined by the doctor, and that the most ideal hair transplant method is selected. When a hair transplant procedure is performed by an experienced physician and a professional team the results will ineluctably look natural.

Obtaining good results from hair transplantation depends on correct planning. We can explain “correct planning” as the determination of hairline so as to be in harmony with the patient’s facial lines. However, the hair quality of the patient and the hair density in the donor area are also important factors affecting the results of the procedure. In the first years of practice, hair transplantation procedures could result in an unnatural and pluggy look. Nowadays, hair transplantation is carried out with the Soft FUE and DHI techniques, which both stand out as the most modern hair transplantation methods.

The reasons behind hair transplant failures are as follows:

Mishandling Grafts

The crucial part of your hair transplant is having enough grafts to transplant from one area of the scalp to another area of the scalp. For this reason we, As Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic, make an extra effort to minimize any risks and to ensure we get the maximum result possible out of each transplanted and harvested graft. Mishandling grafts is one of the most common causes of hair transplant failure. Because they may also die of shock or trauma after procedure. Also, It is very important to place the hair grafts correctly and this requires a special skill that takes a long time to acquire.

Not being an ideal candidate for hair transplantation

Getting a hair transplant if you’re not a suitable candidate can lead to your hair transplant failing in the future. If you get a transplant at a clinic who do not examine your current hair loss situation and assess future hair loss you could end up with a hair transplant that does not look great in a few years time.