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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant
has been in the industry for over 60 years. Whatever the reason for your baldness, hair transplant while not a ‘must-have’, it is a recommended procedure for you. You have read extensively about it and realised that many surgeons can do it, however, a trusted hair transplant surgeon may not be easy to find, especially if you don’t know what elements to look out for. Now it is time for you to choose your beard transplant or FUE hair transplant surgeon and you feel at a loss on where to start. It may not be easy because the industry is flooded with many clinics claiming to provide you with the best services. But first things first, and before you know where to go searching, there are a couple of things you might want to avoid at all cost for your own well-being. For instance, do not flip the yellow pages in search of a hair transplant doctor because you may end up making a wrong lifetime decision.

Now that you are clear on what not to do, let’s go to what to consider when choosing that hair transplantation surgeon. When picking out the surgeon of your choice, here are items to consider:

1. He or she can provide before and after photos

When surgeon hunting, make sure you ask the doctor to provide at least ten before and after photos of patients he has attended to. See if the after hair transplantation photos are for clients living in different countries. This shows that the surgeon is renown internationally for performing hair transplantation procedures. However, you need to be careful when looking at the pictures to make sure that they are for patients treated by the surgeon and not just photos picked from another website, gallery, or clinic. Usually, pictures have different colours and backgrounds so, you need to look at watermarks on the photos.

2. The doctor can refer you to previous patients

It is imperative that your doctor should be able to provide you with contacts of at least five to six clients whom he or she has attended to. These patients will share their experience whether good or bad. And this helps you make an informed decision. It is also advisable to meet up with patients who share your hair and skin type. They will help inform you on what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

3. Speciality of the doctor

What is your doctor specialised in? Is hair restoration the only area of specialisation or is it one of the many practices the surgeon conducts? If you’re seeking a hair transplantation surgeon, always ensure you find one who does hair restoration only, and if he or she is doing it with other practices, hair transplant should be his or her major field.

4. Credentials

In as much as hair transplanting can be done by any practising surgeon, a doctor who has the experience and the right training on hair transplant and has been in the field for a number years sounds like a better choice. Do not feel shy to inquire from your doctor on his or her level of learning. Since you will be paying with your hard-earned money, never settle for less. You may also want to examine if the doctor has knowledge in dermatology as this is crucial in helping patients deal with problems related to hair loss and baldness.

5. Supporting team

Even if your doctor is the best doctor in town, without a good supporting team, you will not get the exceptional service that you are looking for. Look for a surgeon who has a dedicated supporting team. See if the clinic provides translators to help foreign clients or those who do not understand the English language. Also, make sure that there is staff to act as patient coordinators to help patients during their hair transplantation. The kind of experience a patient has when seeking hair transplantation services goes a long way in determining the satisfaction and end results of the surgery procedure.

6. Has the surgeon been practising

When deciding on the doctor who will do your hair restoration, make sure you find out on the number of years he or she has been in service. The more the number of years, the better. A doctor who has been performing hair transplantation for more than 10 years may not have the same experience as a surgeon who has been practising for only the last two to three years.

7. Check on many procedures the doctor conducted individually

You may think this is too much, but we are saying that you can never be too sure. Ask the doctor on the number of hair transplants he or she has conducted till date. This will raise the level of your confidence in the doctor.

8. How does the surgeon conduct FUE?

When it comes to FUE a surgeon should be careful. He or she should harvest hair follicles properly. The harvested hair follicles should be placed in a safe, sterilised environment to prevent contamination. Again, the doctor should pay attention to directions and angles of grafts when transplanting them to the recipient area. It is also important for the surgeon to create a natural hairline.

With all the do’s and don’ts when surgeon searching, you are now well informed when it comes to picking out your doctor. Dr. Serkan Aygin has gathered vast experience and knowledge in the field of hair transplant for the past twenty-two years. He is a dermatologist and a hair transplant surgeon who understands about hair loss. Being a dermatologist, Dr. Serkan helps patients learn how to take good care of their skin and hair in addition to helping them deal with hair loss problems.