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Recovery process after hair transplant operation and Points to Consider

After hair transplant surgery, the transplanted grafts will go through a few phases before meeting the desired results. After the hair transplant procedure it will take around one or more than one year to see the final outcome of hair growth.
In the following section we have provided a timeline with respect to the post-operative recovery phase. This timeline will provide a thorough overview of what to expect after your procedure.

1-15 Days After The Hair Transplant Procedure

In the first few days following a hair transplant procedure, the patient may experience mild swelling, itching and pain both in the donor and receipt areas.These symptoms generally subside in a week.
The redness and scabbing that is observed after the hair transplant procedure usually disappear by the end of the second week.

15-30 Days After The Hair Transplant Procedure

Approximately 3 weeks after the procedure, the patient may notice temporary loss of transplanted hairs. This is a normal and expected condition.
This occurs due to the temporary rest phase that all transplanted hair follicles enters into after any hair transplant procedure.

1-2 Months After The Hair Transplant Procedure

Within the first few months following surgery the patient can expect to see new hair growth.This new growth cycle tend to differ from patient to patient but approximately three months after the procedure it will already be visible. The new hair follicles may not necessarily grow evenly, but it will all grow eventually. The new transplanted hair will start to grow thin but will gradually become denser over time.

3-6 Months After The Hair Transplant Procedure

The patient can expect new hair growth usually until five to six months following the procedure. Moreover this is also the stage where the patient will start noticing that the new transplanted hair has thickened considerably.

6-10 Months After The Hair Transplant Procedure

By 6 to 10 months, the patient will be able to notice the most impressive difference since the initial procedure.

1 Year After The Hair Transplant Procedure

After a full year the patient can expect to see the final results of the procedure, however the recovery period may take more than a year especially when the transplantation is performed on the top of the head.

Concluding Remark:

Now you know what to expect after a hair transplant procedure. In order to obtain great results from a hair transplant surgery, following the instructions and having realistic expectations are just as important as the procedure itself. For this reason even if the patient knows what to expect, they still should be followed up by the clinic after the procedure.

At Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic, the follow up process is conducted by patient service representatives who are responsible for different regions and speak the language of the patient as they keep track of patients from Turkey as well as from all over the world who have undergone a hair transplant surgery.