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Hair Transplant During Covid-19 Pandemic

With its sophisticated health infrastructure and excellent quality of services, Turkey has become the ideal destination for those who wish to have a successful hair transplant  operation. Undeniably, Turkey has earned its fame in the hair transplant field thanks to the impeccable hair transplant results in Turkey within years. As the number of candidates considering having hair transplant in Istanbul increase steadily, questions regarding the hair transplant Turkey, whether Turkey is a good option for health tourism particularly amidst a pandemic, may arise eventually.

How Safe is Istanbul for Hair Transplant?

Straddling Europe and Asia, the geographical location of Istanbul as a central hub between continents is usually considered among the greatest factors that contribute to why people choose Istanbul for hair transplantation. The prestigious location of Istanbul, as a picturesque city where you can fly in 3 hours, or even less from your city, may surely facilitate the increase in the number of visitors who travel to Istanbul for medical purposes. However, with its vibrant atmosphere, illustrious cultural heritage, and long history, Istanbul has always been an ideal destination for those who desire to experience a fusion of the west and the east, and the modern and the antiquity together. Considering the high number of visitors it attracts, and the revenue generated from their arrivals, it is needless to say that Turkey is absolutely safe to travel as the government has been endeavoring to provide the highest comfort and security for the tourists.

Turkey records  a steady increase in the number of tourists, as it welcomed more than 39 million tourists in 2018, which was followed by over 42 million tourists in 2019.

As COVID-19 affected the tourism industry in every country across the globe, as international flights were halted, and many countries entered lockdowns, this number dropped to almost 16 million visitors in 2020. However, Turkey responded to the pandemic quickly by implementing precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus in Turkey. Accordingly, everyone is required to wear a mask outside and observe the social distancing rules, while you can find hand sanitizers everywhere. Similarly, we have taken various safety measurements at our clinic to ensure the safety and health of both us and our patients.

Tourist safety and the satisfaction of the tourists with the time they spend in Turkey are among the greatest concerns both locals and the government have in Turkey. This could be explained by the contribution of tourism, and medical tourism in particular to the Turkish economy.

  • In 2019, 662.087 tourists visited Turkey for medical purposes.
  • Turkey’s income from medical tourism amounted to USD in 2019.

Considering that a steady increase in the number of tourists indicates a steady increase in the revenues obtained from medical tourism, locals, and the government strive to assure tourists of their safety whilst they are in Turkey. Surely, very well-known Turkish hospitality plays a role in how medical tourists visiting Turkey are amazed by their experience. Therefore, it’s safe to say that nothing but pleasant memories await you here.

Furthermore, as Serkan Aygin himself was among the pioneers of medical practitioners who performed best hair transplants in Turkey

in the early 1990s, our clinic also has gained expertise in offering the best comfort, and safety to our patients during their time in Istanbul. In line with our efforts, we’ve had more than 10.000 satisfied patients who had successful hair transplant operations and were absolutely pleased with the service they received and Serkan Aygin was honored as the most successful hair transplant surgeon in Europe in 2019.